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"Normally, I like to fix things about the house myself. But I know when I'm in over my head. My house was built aloooooong time ago and it has been rewired a time or two. Dan from Coe Electric could not have been more helpful. After struggling with some bad wiring for hours, I chucked my TimeLife repair books and called Dan. He answered on the first ring and came to my home that afternoon. Dan was prompt, professional, and probably kept me from electrocuting myself. "-garagemahal from google maps

"Coe electric did a great job on my living room by adding recessed lights, track lighting, and ceiling fans. They cleaned up after themselves well and completed it all in one day! Best electrician in all of Charleston, WV! "

brent m from google maps

"Great response from Mr.Coe, real up-front type of guy who did exactly what he said he was going to do. He was able to upgrade our electric from an old fuse box to a new breaker box AND changed all the outlets in our house over to the three holed grounding type in just two days, AND his rate was $2000 less than the quote from another electrical contractor. It was a pleasant experience and surprise that a home repair we had been putting off for so long was fixed up right and professionally. Dan is the Man!!! "

mr.bell from google maps

"In the past few months, I've been shopping around for an affordable and dependable electrician to do some repairs on my home. I have an old house and I'd started to worry about having a fire after a neighbor's house burnt down. I'd narrowed it down to a few companies but then half of my house lost power this past weekend – of course, just as I was making dinner and bathing my kids. None of those companies were interested in coming to do some emergency residential work in the Charleston area. I looked online and found Coe Electric. I made a call and spoke to the owner of the company who confirmed that he could come out to troubleshoot my problem. He personally came out and quickly identified the issue at my house. I was so afraid that we were going to have to get a hotel or stay with my in-laws but he had it fixed the same day! I'm working with him now to figure out a plan for the rest of my house to bring the wiring up to date. Thanks Coe Electric! "

grateful gal22 from google maps

"Good customer service skills, timely, professional, good work too! Thanks Dan"

rob jones from google maps

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